Feature Film 


Line Producer

Roepman tells the story of a 1966 South African Afrikaans railway community, told through the eyes of an 11-year-old boy called Timus.


Based on the acclaimed book of the same title by Jan van Tonder, Timus and his family are trapped within the structural emotional conflict and manipulation caused by the government and the church at that time. An unlikely hero, Joon (nicknamed the stargazer), often appears to save Timus when he's in trouble and these acts of kindness are seen by Timus as true miracles. As Timus explores is own coming of age and loss of innocence, Joon also tries to give a little of that lost innocence back to him.



Producers: Sallas de Jager, Danie Bester

Director: Paul Eilers

Line Producer: Lucia Meyer-Marais

Cinematographer: Tom Marais SASC

Production Designer: Waldemar Coetsee

Editor: CA van Aswegen owner at FIX Post Production

Music Composer: Dawie de Jager