DONKERLAND (Drama Series)

-Co-Producer & Line Producer 

I was incredibly humbled to have been asked to  co- and line produce Donkerland, which turned out to be one of the most magnificent productions of my career.  My responsibilities stretched from applying for additional funding to final delivery to the broadcaster and everything inbetween. 


Series director Jozua Malherbe and I had worked on numberous productions before and together we tackled this epic, 13-part Afrikaans period drama, together. 


The story of Donkerland spans over 158 years, through the lives of  7 generations of an Afrikaner family and their farm workers, on 1 farm named Donkerland.  We had to cast 107 speaking roles.

As a passion project from producer and play/screenwriter Deon Opperman, this drama was first brought to life as a stage play in 1997, during the Afrikaans Art Festival KKNK.


Donkerland has won numberous awards and received many nominations at the SATFAS 2015 as well as ATKV Media Veertjie Awards in 2014. 


KEY CREW LIST  (All 13 Episodes):

Producers: Deon Opperman, Sone Combrinck

Director: Jozua Malherbe

Co-producer and Line Producer: Lucia Meyer-Marais

Cinematographer: Adam Bentel

Production Designer: Flo Ballack

First Assistant Director: Quentin Krog

Wardrobe Design: Sune Jansen

Make Up and Hair: Nicola Roodt

Post Production: Presto Post

VFX: Shaun Hillary


Find the offical trailer below, as well other material from the series.  

DONKERLAND - Offical Series Trailer

DONKERLAND - Screenshots from the Series

DONKERLAND - Instagram Photos From Set

Donkerland Screenshot Episode 1.1