For TV & Film Productions

Over the past few years, South African budgets have dropped, the amount of productions being made have gone up and all of a sudden, there wasn't enough crew. As such, inexperienced crew were given the opportunity to raise to the occasion and proof themselves in HOD status, without really having worked on enough productions to have the right amount of experience in taking on certain tasks.   


Although all of them are filled with enough enthusiam and commitment to make the absolute best of the unexpected opportunity, that overwhelming cloud of new and fresh responsibilities can make some overlook small things and this turn of events prove to be challenging to some and impossible to others.  Going up the ranks is exactly how it should be,  but a more experienced person in their position wouldn't miss certain important points and that is where I come in.  


It is always a good idea to have an experienced, unbiased eye, from an independent outsider, have a look at your budget, schedule and overall plan.  The producers who make use of my services, mostly have too much on their plate and they want to get that much appreciated confirmation that their team is on the right track.


Some of the areas I specialize in:


*  Having Line Produced for over 5 years, I have extensive experience in all things monetary.  

*  My most important mission is to always make sure more money is spent in front of the camera than behind it.

*  I always keep track of the schedule and have a keen eye of compacting it and making it more practical and thus also more economical.

*  Having a degree in Cinematography, I can easily spot uncessary gear and have economical suggestions at hand on how to get the best picture, at the best price.


My consultations are custom fit to every production, as not one production is the same.  Whether your production needs consulting hourly, daily or weekly, I'm always keen to work out a unique plan to suit your specific production's needs.  


Gladly contact me HERE.  Looking forward to hearing from you!