BLOEDBROERS Marketing Campaign - Trailers and Interviews

My production company, AmaAwesome Productions, produced this marketing campaign for the exciting and much anticipated new series of Deon Opperman, called Bloedbroers.


Together with series director Jozua Malherbe and a great team, we created this visually compelling campaign for the series, which we are all very proud of.  The ideas and influences for the marketing was heavily based on the striking look and feel of the actual series.


Scroll down to find the trailers,  the broadcast promos as well as online webisodes of interviews with the cast and crew.  The trailer footage is from the series itself.


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Client: kykNET

Marketing Campaign Production Company: AmaAwesome Productions

Producer: Lucia Meyer-Marais

Director: Jozua Malherbe

Interview Cinematography: Tom Marais SASC

Interview Production Designer: Waldemar Coetsee

Interview Editor: Anika Dohne

Trailer Cinematography: Adam Bentel

Trailer Production Designer: Bathoni Robinson

Trailer Post Production: Mushroom Media

Bloedbroers Series Production Company: Deon Opperman Produksies

BLOEDBROERS - Offical Series Trailer


BLOEDBROERS - Behind The Scenes 1

BLOEDBROERS - Behind The Scenes 2

BLOEDBROERS - Behind The Scenes 3

To view all 15 videos in this campaign, click HERE